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Super Senior

Post by SimonFB »

I have had the orginal plans for the Senior for a couple of years now, and just purchased the stitch and glue ones from Selway-Fisher, getting more serious about building now.

I just wanted to ask about peoples thoughts (and advice) on strechting it between 6%-10%.
There are two goals, one is a little extra storage space in the cabin - maybe even stretch to a porta-potti?
The other is to gain a little more vertical space, headroom, or rather leg room. I would like to raise the bunk/seat becasue I don't think I could be very comforatble with my bum only about 4 inches higher than my feet.

The fibreglass 'Heretic' seems to be the only one I can find mention of, and photos are limited. Any photos of the interior of Seniors seem to be limited, but always show the bunk at virtually floor level.

Thanks for any thoughts, comments, or advice, or redirects to more information.
Now I am off to wander around the rest of the site.
chris s
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Re: Super Senior

Post by chris s »

Sorry about the delay in replying but I only just saw your post.

When I built the mold for 'Heretic' I extended further aft from the (original) transom,

I added 1ft 9 ins to the length and 3 inches to the height of the hull at the sidedeck.

this gave more headroom without the cabin height looking out of proportion

I could then raise the bunk tops by the same amount,

I also added a tiny bit more camber to the coachroof (about 1 inch I think) this also added to the headroom along the centerline

For building in plywood, I would suppose that it would be better to space the frames adding the length overall & not just at the stern?

you would have to ask a plywood builder about this, as I think that it means redrawing, resizing & reprofiling the hull panels,

John would probably be your best bet to ask over this.

Chris S
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