Its Alive - The Forum is now available on this site

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Its Alive - The Forum is now available on this site

Postby webmaster » Sun March 5th, 2006, 12:42 pm

Well its done - we now have an integrated forum on this site. Unfortunately I have not been able to import all the old messages off the pro board site. The only way I can see to get the messages in is to repost them one at a time and this could take some time.

I have created a couple of different categories in the forum but if you want more let me know they are very easy to set up.

You will need to register it is very simple choose an user name and password and enter a valid email address. The system will then send you an email right away with a link in it. Click the link and you will be signed up. There is other information you can enter on the registration page but it is optional.

Have a look and a play - I think being integrated into this site might make it easier for people to use and leave comments. And a bonus no annoying advertising.

Also I have created the drop down menus you see at the top of this page. I will be adding them over time to every page. I am hoping that this will make it easier to navigate around,

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Re: Its Alive - The Forum is now available on this site

Postby Eventide Owners Group » Fri December 2nd, 2011, 6:35 pm

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Forum !!

It has taken a while to sort out the mess but our new webmaster has got there. We are also now being helped by degree course students, studying for their Masters in computing science, from the local college!

Sure there will be hiccups along the way but at least it is back and all the messages that I saved can be read again. We may have to reload Avatars, but a small price to pay!

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Re: Its Alive - The Forum is now available on this site

Postby steve » Wed December 7th, 2011, 11:56 pm

Thanks Tim, let's hope more people start to use the forum.
P.S Tim your post is dated mar 5, 2006. :P

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Re: Its Alive - The Forum is now available on this site

Postby Fiddler's Green » Thu December 8th, 2011, 10:42 am

Hi Steve,

Tim set this up in the first place, (2006), but retired from the post after a couple of years, he is Australian and went 'walkabout'!

We struggled on for a bit on our own but were then assisted by Brendan for some years. Sadly brendan became ill and the Forum collapsed in his hands, he could not cope. We have been rescued by someone I know from my Seagull Outboard site. Peter Webster. Peter has stepped in not only to rescue and keep the forum going, but as helper on the main site too. He is not alone, we also have a student doing his masters in computing science, lendng a hand too!

With any luck and a lot of help from friends we will keep this running and get more of our 1300 members to be brave enough to come in and look and maybe even make a post! Can be daunting, i know.

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