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Postby sailing-angel » Mon February 8th, 2010, 8:32 pm

Gentlemen (and ladies) Hello.
My name is Dane , and I have just recently discovered The "MG" magic, because of the arrival and sad circumstances of a GH 31 on the river Dart in Devon.( For reasons I dont would rather not expand on at the moment.)
Suffice it to say, I have found this website as a result and intend to become a MG owner rather soon .. :roll:
At the moment I am involved with the setting up of a project in Sth Devon with the Princes Trust. restoring old wooden boats. :D And therefore giving dis-enfranchised 18-26yr old unemployed "kids" a direction into the maritime and boating world they wouldn't normally perceive. :D
We are looking for "projects "(16-26ft) that have been neglected or forgotten and grown -out of :cry: . Obviously "donation" boats are preferable :wink: ( we are a charity and have every limited constraints) But as the project becomes self -sustaining we may be able to offer a nominal purchase price eventually. :D
So.... as a result of finding this site I have decided to orientate our vision to predominantly restoring MG boats .
I know there are a couple of 24/26's on here already ., and I have established contact with the owners already. But if anyone knows and can point me to any other small MG's especially in the Sth west I would be extremely grateful.
Back on the initial theme though ..... Any info on the GH31 "WIGEON" now named "HOBO-HEMIA" please get in touch via e-mail at
With respect and gratitude ... Dane

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Postby Fiddler's Green » Sat December 10th, 2011, 11:54 am

The sail number we have on our records is 203 and was owned in 2005 by a Mr.Jory in Northamptonshire? suspect she may have changed hand since then.

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