Problem with the Web Server

Look here to see whats been happening

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Problem with the Web Server

Postby webmaster » Mon April 3rd, 2006, 9:26 pm

Due to a Database problem :twisted: on our Hosting Site the FORUM was unavaliable from Sunday Morning until now.

It looks like the file system on the server that hosts our forum has cashed and they have now repaired it from Friday's Backup.

So any posts on April 1st and 2nd have been lost.

At approximately 4am on Sunday morning, Claudius, failed.
The server has serious filesystem errors and we have yet to be able to bring it back online.

We will be working to complete this tomorrow so please accept our apologies for this temporary incoinvience.
We have a complete backup from the previous night which we will be able to restore so little data should be lost.

I have just had a quick look and everything seems to be working again


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