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Seized rudder stock

Posted: Fri September 8th, 2017, 4:24 pm
by Fintra
I am currently struggling to release a seized rudder stock in my Eventide 24. Much heat and brute force have failed to shift it. The links below show the arrangement. The installation dates from the late 60's, and I'm not clear on how the bearing and mounts are arranged. Before I take the next step, of cutting the bottom bracket away and trying to drop the whole assembly out, I thought I would canvas for any experience or advice there might be out there.

If by some miracle I can drop the lot out, I assume I can replace the shells in the top bearing. Is there another bearing at the point where the stock exits the hull?

Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

Re: Seized rudder stock

Posted: Wed September 13th, 2017, 8:41 pm
by Fintra
Rudder removed by cutting the bottom bracket away and much manipulation. Turns out.... no bearings at all. Just a galvanised stock rusted up in a galvanised tube.

Re: Seized rudder stock

Posted: Sun October 29th, 2017, 9:19 pm
by chris s
My inboard rudder has a stainless shaft in a fiberglass tube, with bearings.

Re: Seized rudder stock

Posted: Fri November 3rd, 2017, 9:19 am
by Eventide Owners Group
Not surprised it is like this, I have spent hours trying to sort the rudder on John Steven's Glasstide! A GRP version of the 26, but still using the archaic inboard rudder.
I eventually had to use a powered hacksaw and yes it was just like yours. solid steel shaft and so tight fit in a steel tube, no bearings and not even the provision of a grease nipple! No wonder it had seized.

When the last bit is out, ran out of hacksaw blades.... the new galvanised tube will have a plastic bearing top and bottom and a greaser on the shaft!

John is laid up at the moment and will be all winter I suspect so work is not expected to restart till the spring.

He also has to remove the bilge plates, rotted away at the bottom and sadly half of the securing bolts corroded away as well!

Lots of fabricaton and galvanising to be done next year!

Did you manage to get bearings and a greaser in your new rudder, or did you go for the transom hung rudder!

Tried to point John in that direction but there were complications with the stern locker lid etc....