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Posted: Fri October 28th, 2016, 7:20 pm
by littlewood s
Hi All found this site while looking at a Golden hind 31 on line love the look of them. I'm seriously thinking of one as my next boat. Going to find one to look at in the near future just to make sure. From what I can gather I will be better getting a GRP model at least hull anyway as I'm not a skilled joiner. All boats are a compromise but there has to be a bit of character to them for me. Can anyone here give me advice on what I need to look for and definitely avoid. Regards Simon

Re: Newby

Posted: Mon October 31st, 2016, 9:40 am
by Fiddler's Green
Hello Simon.

Same as with any boat when you step aboard and open the cabin use your nose! if it smells fusty and musty bet there is some mould somewhere and where there is mould there is rot. GRP hulls seem to fare well but they also suffer rot internally just like any other boat.

The design generally has a great sailing record, especially for open water long distance cruises, trans Atlantics etc, but they make great creek crawlers too!

Prices vary hugely and we have seen some cheap and other grossy over priced. as it is a buyer market at the moment you should have the upper hand, that is if you have already sold your last boat!

good luck

John Williams
Website coordinator
Eventide Owners Group.