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Eventide 26 Cockpit Drains

Posted: Thu May 22nd, 2014, 5:16 pm
by tomfindlay
I bought the steel Eventide 26 that was recently advertised on the Eventide Website.

I have a set of plans for the Eventide but I can't see any detail in the drawings for cockpit drains.
Ray the builder and previous owner has placed the drain holes well below the waterline,
I'd like if possible to put them above the waterline...

The drawings show the cockpit sole well above the waterline,
and I imagine there is enough gravity ? to drain it above the waterline...

Whats the best way to re- configure this change?
Does anybody have a drawing or diagram on how to go about it?
What was the original design for the cockpit drains?

Any help would be most welcome.
Sandance has now moved from Beaumaris in North Wales to Fairlie in North Ayrshire on the Clyde Coast...

Re: Eventide 26 Cockpit Drains

Posted: Thu May 22nd, 2014, 5:49 pm
by tomfindlay
Sandance was built in 2004 so I imagine it will have the deeper 5 inch topsides...
and the cockpit sole will be much higher...

I read in another post that John drains the cockpit sole out at the transom...
What is the detail for that... I wonder...


Re: Eventide 26 Cockpit Drains

Posted: Fri May 13th, 2016, 1:15 pm
by Eventide Owners Group
Sorry I had not seen the entry before, but i do not check the forum that often, normally people mail queries direct to us at

My Eventide has a slightly raised cochpit floor, because I have a deeper hull by 3" as per the latest designs.

This enables me to have the cockpit floor sealed and 6" above the waterline, the drains are from the back and go down andthen turn 90 degrees to exit 3 inches above the waterline, one either side of the rudder.

When motoring hard I found the stern droop could cause water to well up in the drains, so I fitted 2 foam wedges to the underside of the hull at the transom, like trim tabs. Now at speed under motor the floor is dry.

Does not effect the speed when sailing or motoring and apart from a slight gurgle when sailing gently, you would not know!