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Hello from North Wales.

Posted: Mon June 17th, 2013, 12:44 pm
by martin
Hello all, thought best to introduce myself after numerous failed attempts at registering with the forum, go there in the end though. :)

I have just inherited an eventide 24 from my Grandfather who has just passed away. being a carpenter in the local quarry he started building this from scratch probably the best part of 40-50 years ago!

He had an insurance survey done on her in '98 and pretty much passed with flying colours apart from a couple of minor things like getting the nav lights tested and certified and fit a drip tray under the carb. Back then she was pretty much good to go afloat.

Not long after that he started with small bouts of ill health and jobs on the boat slowed down.

Up to the present day the boat is laying in a yard near the local quarry and she's in a sorry state, kids have decided to use it as a den. It has been covered up to the best of our ability but kids rip the tarps to get in and one was even stolen. The solid brass prop didn't last long either, that went by someone with sticky fingers. A ,local bloke who has access to some of the barns there decided to move the boat to place a large container next to it but in doing so one of the steel supports went through the hull, I don't know the extent of the damage yet.

The mast, rigging and sails are indoors, I'm not sure what the sail number is however I will find out. She has been registered but that runs out next year.

My dilemma is this. I work away all week (forces) so my time to even think about restoring it is pretty much at a premium although I really would like to do it in slow time. My skills are nowhere near as good as his were but I think I could manage it with time. If I was to keep it I would have to move it and first of all find somewhere to store it for what could be anything from 2-4 years while I get things done. What would it cost to move a boat of this size and does anybody know how much this boat would weigh?

My second option would be to sell her although I don't think I would get much for her, to be honest I would rather give her away to someone who will restore her and get her sailing.

As soon as I get a chance I will post up some photos for you to have a look at. I'm not sure about getting inside due to it being unsecured after being moved.

Oh, and her name is Dora. :)



Re: Hello from North Wales.

Posted: Sat July 6th, 2013, 8:46 am
by Kevan
On behalf of the members, "Welcome aboard".
Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your message. John (the admin) is I believe still afloat but I am sure he would be interested in the status of Dora.

Re: Hello from North Wales.

Posted: Sun September 8th, 2013, 12:35 pm
by Eventide Owners Group
Hello Martin, sorry you have not had a response here, but a mail to the Eventiders could have got you an instant reply, well it would have done after I returned mid July!

An Eventide 24 weighs in at 2 tons max, early ones with lighter keel and smaller motors 1.5 tons. You can hire trailers or drop it on the back of a flat bed lorry or trailer. A crane each end also needed of course unless you hire a chap with a clever trailer who can jack it on and off. (Did that 30 years ago myself!)

Repairing ply boats is a lot simpler than most other boats, but has to be done properly or you will be wasting your time. For instance if there is a neat hole from that damage in the centre of a panel, make a clean cut to good wood and make a ply piece to fit in later. bevel the edges for a good fit.... First cut a butt patch for the inside to overlap at least 3 inches, preferably 6 inches in any direction and bevel the edges and screw and glue inside with epoxy. Then fill in the centre hole with a shaped patch of ply, use epoxy and screw in place. The screws can later be removed and the holes filled....

If the hole is near a frame or stringer not so easy and there is a great temptation to cut to the middle of a frame and join there, don't! Cut at least 6 inches beyond and then join the ply with a 6 inch wide butt strap behind it. If you try to join on frames you will get kinks in the ply hull and cracks will soon open up allowing water in to rot your work!

There are many good books on repairing wooden and ply boats available. worth investing in one.

If you decide to sell, you are right, she will not fetch a lot.

Used sails, and wooden masts are not worth a lot and if the hull has got water into it there will be rot and that makes it a very difficult prospect to sell. we have great difficulty even giving away boats that need effort and enthusiasm.

At the moment I have a very smart looking boat, with good gear, that I am going to have a heck of a job selling, for just the same reasons. And looking at it you would think you could jump aboard and sail off to France, but not so....

Please write or mail the Eventiders with details of the boat and we can advertise it for free on the for Sale pages. If you remove all the parts, sails etc and scap her, we can add the parts to the 'bits for Sale' page.


Re: Hello from North Wales.

Posted: Sun July 27th, 2014, 12:47 pm
by martin

Thank's for the reply, sorry I've not been on for a while and that being the delay in replying.

The boat is not sold and to be honest It's not in any fit state and will only be worth scrapping. I am having thoughts of cutting it down and turning it into some sort of garden summer house with a lot of work of course! I don't want to scrap it and doing something like this will keep the legacy of my grandfather build in the family and at least getting some use.

Now I probably don't think that it's the sort of thing you want to hear but I really don't think it's worth anything to anyone.

The mast, boom and sails have never been used, just laying there so they may be of use for someone.

I can get some photos of the bit's and bobs and email them to you.


Re: Hello from North Wales.

Posted: Mon July 28th, 2014, 10:15 am
by Eventide Owners Group
Sad to hear.

Please e-mail any info direct to and I can sort out an advert on the bits for sale page or for the whole boat/garden shed!! on the Boats for sale page!