its been a while, now for the fun

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its been a while, now for the fun

Postby edgray1 » Tue April 11th, 2006, 4:30 pm

Hi fellow eventiders, that seems an odd greeting but it will do.
I came across our group last year, or was it the year before, (it was a different incarnation then) after I purchased an eventide, on a whim, from a flying buddy. I just liked the look of it and the configeration and price suited an idea that had been niggling for a couple of years.
The 'Arabesque' a roughly constructed steel eventide showing plenty of history,character and an extensive inventory of overused and under maintained nautical parafunalia. Drawing about 700mm and able to stand on it own three legs I thought, Brilliant just the ticket for an adventure up the pointy end of OZ should handle a scrape of coral as well.
She was anchored in a suspect free parking zone in the Southport seaway comonly known as Bum Bay.(really a very safe anchorage for crusing yachts on the gold coast in southern Queensland) A place where dodgy old ferro and timber hulks whose owners live aboard chipping and painting are tolerated for months on end before a complaint sends the rozzers in issuing parking tickets. Legal moorings are not easily found the marina requires insurance which requires a survey. So old boats waiting work must be constantly moved and re anchored at least every 7 days. This was a bit of fun at first but as I said I bought it on a whim and hadn't figured on how much time was going to be burned before I could get into the badly needed refit. After a couple of tickets I decided to truck it home park it for free and do the work in one block when I could clear all other buisness off the plate. The time has arrived finally. I have three months with no other pressing work and Carolin being very supportive. Yesterday I stripped of the tarp and started to clean out (read Gut) the very shoddy interior. This brings me to this forum and a request for some advice or ideas, other than my own, on the lay out and improvements I might include to help the handling short comings that I experienced in the weekly reparking manovers.
I downloaded an article on weather helm which the old darling has in spades. If ones not paying 101%attention she will round up and no amount of helm can save it. Could this be some thing to do with the weight of the steel hull, some 4 1/2 tons.
I notice from photos of eventides that they generally have the rudder on the transom but on Arabesque there has been a couple of extra feet added to the rear?
I would like to put a furling headsail on any comments would be apreciated.
An air cooled Ducati 18hp diesel resides below the rickety steps. It thumps into life with the greatest of ease but some how doesn't seem to provide much forward go. I think the prop is wrong as the donk doesent seem to strain at all I'm not to sure of the RPM but I could find out. If any one could give me a lead here I'd be well pleased.
Hoping to share some experiences with you all I'll post some photos soon
regards Eddie

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Postby Eventide Owners Group » Tue April 18th, 2006, 9:19 pm

Hello again Eddie,

I know I have replied at length to your e-mail, but here the reply can be seen by all!

The first thing is to say welcome of course! And yes we have your registration.

I see she only draws 700mm. I guess she needs a little more ballast and grip on the water. My own wooden Eventide draws 1 metre. with a steel boat it should be easier to weld a bit on!

Ballast should be 1660lb minimum, I would look for 2000lb or a bit more on a steel version. You say she weighs in at 4.5 ton, that is a ton heavier than mine so up the ballast a bit! maybe as much as 2500lb!!!

The plan version had an extra 4" on the bottom of the keel to get the draft and sailing ability.

Revs and prop must be matched. 18 horses should be OK, if they are all at the prop!

Most boats have not just 'furling' headsails, but 'reefing' ones, so you can sail with part of the sail out... Also cutter rig with a bowsprit is favourite to get rid of weatherhelm..

Looking forward to seeing the pics on the site!

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