Junk-rigged Golden Hinds, and others - information please.

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Junk-rigged Golden Hinds, and others - information please.

Postby alw » Sun February 3rd, 2008, 5:25 pm


I'm in the late (I hope!) stages of looking for a yacht to buy. A wooden Golden Hind 31 is at the top of my list and at the moment I have three in my sights, ie, I've viewed them and/or got information from the owners or brokers. One of these, an early GH31 needs major restoration including, possibly, a new rig, and, as someone fascinated by junk rig (and a member of the Junk Rig Association), purchase of this one would be an opportunity to fit her with junk rig.

So, the reason for this post; I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has designed and/or built and/or has any other experience of a junk-rigged GH (or Riptide, WW or Eventide). I notice from the EOG web pages references to 2 GHs, a Riptide, a WW and an Eventide which have been "junked;" if their owners and others interested are willing to have an email or (better?) a Forum dialogue about them it would be good!

One more question; of the GHs I'm looking at two were Hartwell built (1966 and 1968), the other by Terry Erskine (1975). Does anyone know of any significant changes in specification, design or layout details which were introduced by Terry Erskine when he took over?

Alan W

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Erskine Boats.

Postby Fiddler's Green » Sat February 16th, 2008, 6:41 pm

Hello Alan,

sad to see no Junk rig adice as yet.... however I cannot recall many MG boats that were. Jua the GH 34 was very sucessful, the owners sailing her to America and all round the med. Sadly they have now sold her, but she is back in the UK....

The only Junk rigged WW's I knew went sideways and backward well, but not forward! That could very well be because of the lack of keel though, not the rig!

There was a Riptide sold on the site this year that is Junk rig, we will have to wait for the new owner to get her afloat to find out how she sails....

As for Erskine boats, I believe they were slightly better built, over built even. But having said that, most of Hartwells boats have survived to this day, so they were not badly built...

Terry was more open to owners alterations I thought.....

Best of luck in your search. I take it you have contacted the Junk rig association?

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Junk Rigged Maurice Griffiths Boats

Postby Gerry » Wed November 26th, 2008, 2:49 pm

Only just saw this and in any case I only bought my Lone Gull II junk schooner - Ivory Gull - at the end of August (pictured with the other Lone Gulls). I've had a much lighter JR though for about three years now - a Newbridge Boats Virgo Voyager, built originally as a junk - and wouldn't buy any other rig for cruising.

The junk rig reduces stress on all components of the rig from the hull up and including the crew and should be sailed pretty free. This means that the forces generating leeway are greatly reduced. If a junk rigged boat was going sideways then it was probably being sailed badly. The Virgo Voyager is a triple keel shallow draft vessel - 0.7m draft - so similar to an MG in that respect. Her tacking angle, as measured on a plotter, was 100 degrees which probably wouldn't have been bettered by her Bermudan counterpart.

The schooner rig is great having more reefing options than a single sail and also gives brilliant balance to an already well balanced hull. We carry 25% more sail than the equivalent Bermudan rig so have our "spinnaker" ready to use at all times and on all points of sail.

I don't know if you've bought by now but if you haven't then talk to Robin Blain, secretary of the JRA. He has a junk rig business and brokerage and is in touch with most of what's going on in the Western junk world. If you're thinking of converting a hull, definitely talk to him first. It's expensive and you're probably better off buying a boat that's already converted. Also check out the Yahoo junk group. Many armchair experts but a few good people who really know their onions.

I'm more than happy to discuss this further if you still need to - either on forum or by email, china.lug at blowq.co.uk. You can see details of the rig that Robin made for me at www.wincit.co.uk.

All the best,

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