Topside paint

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Topside paint

Post by Chalks »

Hi All, I'm in the process of prepping the top sides of my GH31, she has a fibre glass hull which has been painted several times, I was wondering if anyone has a prefered paint that they have used, it will need to be single pack .
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Re: Topside paint

Post by jimsumberg »

I am in a very similar situation with GH 26 Bonnie, a painted GRP hull that is in need of renewal. This spring I used Epifanes monourithane (single pot) paint on my Fairey Atalanta 26, and was very impressed. I will probably use the same on Bonnie. The Treadmaster on Bonnie's decks has also been painted and it too needs attention. I would be grateful for any ideas because at the moment it does not look good, Thanks, Jim
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Re: Topside paint

Post by LDP »

Sorry for the (very) late response as I'm sure you've done the work by now. However - and don't laugh - a number of years ago I was in the same position and went through a few different online forums to find the best paint to get and by far the post popular was ..........Dulux Weathershield! I sold that particular boat before doing the work (to buy a GH31) but will keep it in mind for the future!
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Re: Topside paint

Post by JFJ »

A bit old now, but winter is the time boats get painted!
I can vouch for Weathershield for 'grip' areas. It already has sand in it, but I found it a bit fine, and added some more. I used it on my last boat, and it did well for perhaps 3 years until I sold her. Advantage, I needed a shade of purple (dont ask, I was an idiot, but it did kinda work) so could mix a couple of scrag end pots I had in the garage with fresh white.
I also added a little sharp sand from the builders merchant (they can sell bags of 5KG, dont use beach sand - you dont know where its been! :))
I didnt paint the whole topsides with it - just the grip bits. The rest, I swear by Joutons 2 pack, I am afraid - roll & tip, and Iris has been done 4 years ago and still looks perfect with 1 1/2 coats (the sides of the coach only got one coat). costs about 70 and completely doable.

I once tried to use gel-coat with roll and tip, but that took more work grinding the disaster off than applying it - it was impossible to keep it warm enough to go off quickly to avoid amine blush and a flat finish (not even cutting could get a gloss- I think it needs to be covered (and the gelcoat covered with plastic! to work right.
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