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    'Beautje' This splendid little ship belongs to Louis Schwartz.  She is sailed in the Netherlands and based near Amsterdam.  

  We are grateful to Louis for persevering with the others who 'lost' his pictures, it would have been a crying shame for us not to have been able to display them to you.  She looks immaculate!   The varnish work and the paint finish are a credit to her owner.
    Hopefully Louis will now mail us with more details, Length, where sailed, modifications he has made etc.  In the meantime please just enjoy these photos of this steel Wild Duck, one of Alan Buchanon's  creations.  











Greetings from across the canal!   My name is Louis Schwartz and I live in Amsterdam, Holland. I was very happy to find out about your EOG website and learn a little more about the "family" of my Wild Duck. She is a lovely, steel build, 20 footer from 1962.  I fell in love with her immediately and am now her proud owner since spring 2001. Back in the sixties, as I understood from her previous owner, only two or three steel Wild Ducks were build here in Holland by "Willems vlettenbouw". Although designed to be build in plywood, I must say that her sailing qualities are superb! I was specifically looking for a small, steel boat with an inboard engine as I'm used to sailing the IJsselmeer, Waddenzee and North sea. Conditions can get pretty rough out there and I just feel more comfortable in steel than in wood. My Wild Duck is powered by an 10HP Bukh diesel DV10, which is more than enough to handle any situation. Although you can clearly see the resemblance with the other boats on the website, I was a little disappointed to find only one photograph of a Wild Duck (on land). Hopefully I will find the time to send you're (new) secretary some photos soon. In the meantime, if there is anybody out there who can tell me more about the Wild Duck, or is interested to hear more about mine, please get in touch with me. Greetings, Louis Schwartz. e-mail: prins668@xs4all.nl


Coming ashore for a refit with new owner



  She has changed hands a couple of times and is now called 'Goosander'